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What login issue are you experiencing?

- 0a: The site says it is locked, what does that mean?

The site is under maintenance. Try again in a few hours. You may have been informed of site down time previously. Or, you as a user are no longer active. Your account is blocked because you no longer contract for Ardent Services, Inc.

- Cookies - How do I enable them?

In MS Internet Explorer go to Tools, Internet Options, click the Privacy Tab, lower the settings.

- How do I logout?

You do not need to log out with this web site. Closing your web browser is the same as logging out.

- I can`t login.

Verify your assigned login username and password with Ardent. Email your scheduler for password/username issues. Use lower case. Lower your computer`s/browser`s security settings. Allow scripts to run.

- I get an error or security messages when I try to login, or the login page does not seem to load right.

Use or try using Microsoft Internet Explorer as your Internet browser. Lower your security settings. Go to Tools, Internet Options, click on the Security Tab. Make sure your computer has recent updates. Allow scripts to run. Try a different computer. Please record the error or security message you have and inform Ardent.

- I'm Hungry!

Go to, or work for Ardent Services, Inc.!

- My login still doesn't work.

Contact Ardent by email for your correct login fields. Use lower case.

- My web site bookmarks or favorite place links don't work.

The security features in the site force you back to the login page if you try add a page within as a bookmark, a favorite place, shortcut link, etc., or if you send a link to someone else. You must login every time you access this site. Cookies must be enabled. Sharing your login ID or password is prohibited.

- The login does not take me to the correct place(s).

Please contact Ardent and inform them you are not set up correctly. There are 4 levels of access to this site: Admin, Client, Editor, and Shopper.

- What do I need to login?

Registered clients and employees of Ardent Services can login with a user id and password.

- What is the answer to everything?


- What IS this web site?

This is a sub site of, custom designed for client reporting services by wwwiremedia. You must be a client or employee of Ardent Services, Inc. to enter.

Please call ARDENT Services at 303-507-3294 or email if you need login assistance.


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